Visit us at the 2024 Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show

Accu-Tech Laser Processing, Inc. is proud to announce that we will be participating in this year’s Electronics and Manufacturing show in Del Mar, CA. The Del Mar Electronics and Manufacturing Show will feature suppliers and products specializing in assembly, quality, and more. Informative seminars covering Cyber security, design and manufacturing concepts, and networking will be held throughout the weekend at Del Mar fairgrounds. Our very own experts will be on-site to share our capabilities with other industry representatives. If you’d like to visit us, we’ll be at booth number 109 within Bin Crosby Hall! Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show

April 24th, 2024 10 AM – 5 PM

April 25th, 2024 10 AM – 3 PM

Del Mar Fairgrounds

2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd.

Del Mar, CA 92014

Bing Crosby Hall, booth #109



Our laser processing capabilities on display-IMS 2023

Accu-Tech Laser Processing, Inc. booth at IMS

Accu-Tech Laser Processing, Inc. booth at IMS 2023

We’re sorry if you missed us at this year’s IMS Convention in San Diego. Our industry veterans showcased Accu-Tech Laser Processing, Inc.’s precision laser work at the 2023 International Microwave Symposium in Southern California! Over 420 companies flocked to the San Diego Convention Center to scout the sharpest businesses in the microwave and RF industry. We had the opportunity to meet and greet with representatives from Southern California to Japan. Overall, we expanded our network reach and discussed our capabilities.

Our display of workmanship included an array of: ceramics, epoxy, Eccosorb / viton / silicon rubber, Kapton, PCB, a variety of thin metals, and more. Using multi wavelength systems, our engineers can cut, drill, mark, scribe, and ablate a wide range of electronic materials. Depending on our clients needs, we offer post-laser services as well. In fact, we work on customer-supplied materials as well. Not to mention we carry a wide range of 96% & 99% Al2O3 substrate blanks for purchase. Each job is carefully handled and inspected from start to finish. This ensures we meet the requested or advised turn-around time with high accuracy.

Accu-Tech has set the benchmark for innovative laser applications development and workmanship. For that reason, our DoD customers in the Microwave, Microelectronics, Semiconductor and PCB industries have come to depend on our expertise over the last 45 years. As shared with our booth visitors, we are ready to work directly with your team to answer questions. The Accu-tech sales team can determine project feasibility and provide prompt quotations for all of your laser processing requirements. A complete list of our capabilities can be found here. We’re certainly sorry if we missed you at IMS-2023, but you can contact our sales team ( now for more information.

CO2 Laser Machining

What can you do with a CO2 laser? CO2 Laser Machining has been an essential tool for several industries since the 1980s. Early implementations were cutting holes and shaping the extremely hard electronics grade ceramics beginning to be used for circuit boards that required very high strength and good heat dissipation from the new high powered circuits. Material hardness is not a deterrent for the high energy CO2 laser beam. Almost any two dimensional shape that can be defined can be produced by the CO2 Laser cutter. As the success of the CO2 Laser machines increased, more and varied materials became candidates for this popular tool.

Can CO2 laser cut metal? Although sheet metals have been cut by milling tools for a long time, the CO2 lasers offered many advantages. The very small laser beam (tool) meant that smaller features could be produced. And tool wear is not a problem with CO2 lasers because the tool is a beam of light and does not wear from friction with the metals.  Very high temperature metals like tungsten or light weight but tough metals like titanium are good candidates.

The range of materials that are suitable for machining with a CO2 laser has expanded greatly with the wide use of these versatile lasers. What can we do for you?

See our  CO2 Laser Processing page for more details of applications.

Ceramics that were laser cut

Ceramics machining

Watch this Space!

Accu-Tech Laser Processing is transitioning to a new larger facility to accommodate our growth! We are moving just down the road and staying in San Marcos, California. Our new facility will give us room for more laser equipment to better serve our customers’ requirements. We expect the move to be complete in 30 days. There should be little to no impact on our part delivery schedules during this time. We do not expect any weather delays since the winters in Southern California are typically warm and dry.

Wishing a Happy Holiday to all especially in these trying times. Be safe, please wear a mask.

Accu-Tech continues to serve our Critical Infrastructure Sector customers by maintaining thorough disinfecting protocols and monitoring the health and well being of our employees.