Alumina clean firing and annealing

Alumina Clean Firing & Annealing

High Temperature Furnaces

An annealing furnace is designed for very uniform heating of materials. They use controlled cooling to avoid thermal shock.

Accu-Tech offers added services to our customers. We can run blank ceramic through a high temperature cycle to clean, as well as remove stress from the plates.

Some electronic ceramics require laser cut surface annealing. Ceramic substrates have subsequent processes that require all organics to be removed. This is achieved by a high temperature alumina clean firing operation.

Accu-Tech has high temperature furnaces to meet these requests. Stored temperature profiles are used, as well as computer control.   As a result, reliable  processes are assured. Finally, these firing profiles are done in an oxidizing atmosphere. This ensures that any organics are combined with oxygen and removed from the plates.

Further information about annealing furnaces  can be found in this link.