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Phone:    760-744-6692

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550 S. Pacific St.
Suite A100
San Marcos, CA 92078-4058

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Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00

When you contact us, consider these DESIGN FORMAT suggestions.
Layout and design information for laser processing can be provided as a line drawing or in electronic format. Electronic files may be transferred via Email or may be ‘snail mailed’ on CD disc, DVD, or USB drive. The following is a partial list of popular electronic drawing formats supported by Accu-Tech: .DXF,  ASCII, IGES, .DWG, GERBER – other electronic drawing formats are supported. Accu-Tech is willing to work with special formats.

It is helpful to have all laser work on a separate layer in a cad file if there are a lot of other supporting information such as notes. Naming the layer “Laser” or similarly descriptive helps when we review the files.

All geometry should be sized to desired dimensions AFTER laser cuts (finished size). Units of measure should be listed (inch, mm, micron, etc) as well as tolerances required for laser work size and location. For best results, geometric data should be placed at the middle of tolerance range, therefore giving excursion in both directions away from nominal. Our minimum tolerance is +/- .001″ (+/-.025mm), looser tolerances can allow lower prices. Contact us for more details or see our TechNotes

Accu-Tech Laser Processing for Laser Machining located at 550 South Pacific Street