Accu-Tech Laser Processing – Precision Laser Machining – Laser cutting ceramics

Accu-Tech Laser Processing is a specialists in laser machining, drilling and scribing/scoring of standard as well as difficult applications. We take pride in our 30+ years of experience with lasers. This is key to providing high quality cost-effective laser machining services. Laser cutting ceramics is our niche.

Whether your application requires quick prototype delivery or cost competitive volume pricing you can count on Accu-Tech Laser Processing to provide the laser work for your leading edge products. We proudly service Aerospace and Defense customers, as well as Medical and Commercial sectors.

Accu-Tech also has a variety of single and multiple-beam systems across a wide spectrum of industrial wavelengths. This provides both our high and low volume customers with solutions for their laser processing requirements. PCBs, Silicon wafers, optical apertures, or business cards – we handle a wide range of materials.

Our TECHNOTES will provide your engineers with guidelines that will help you better understand specific laser processing considerations during design.

To upload your CAD drawing data to us – select Contact Us and attach the file(s)  to an email addressed to See which Trade Show we’ve been to lately.

  • Duroid stripline circuit

    Duriod Stripline Circuit laser cut - Accu-Tech Laser Processing
  • Capabilities and Materials, laser beam cutting metal
  • 2D data matrix on metal

    laser marking of small barcodes on various materials