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Accu-Tech Laser Processing, Inc. first opened for business in January 1977 in Beaverton, Oregon as Spec Industries. Our original mission was to use CO2 lasers to produce substrates for the hybrid circuit industry. In the mid 1970’s, laser technology was scientific in nature. There were very limited industrial applications. But, the ability to machine very hard ceramic plates was a natural fit for the early laser industry.
Our initial goal was to make quality holes in high purity alumina ceramic for $.05 per hole. “A nickel a hole” was our initial advertising slogan. This happened in early 1978. Improvements and changes have enabled hole drilling prices to tumble across all programs.
Over 40 years later, Accu-Tech still uses CO2 laser expertise in the electronics market. We work with Medical Device, Pollution Control, Aerospace, Defense and Consumer Electronics industries. We also use advanced UV laser technology for use in blind via drilling. This applies to materials such as plastics including polyimide, and certain metals.
Our MICRO-MACHINING systems and expertise provide Accu-Tech with unmatched capability. We can help with developing PCB applications in today’s “smaller and denser” world. Accu-Tech is in North San Diego County in a 6,500 square foot facility.
We’ve been San Diego county since 1979. Currently, we have approximately 25 employees. Many of these employees have been with our firm for more than twenty years.
Our technology and expertise started several direct competitors and systems integration firms.


We have pioneered many important contributions to laser technology since the late 1970s.
Some of these include: Multi-beam laser processing. Our patented “SLIT” chip carrier approach for microelectronic packaging. “Alignment flat” design techniques to improve positional accuracy in ceramic microcircuits. Precision machining of complex designs in brittle materials. “Material specific” laser equipment designs for improved machining performance.
Does your application requires quick prototype delivery or cost competitive volume pricing? You can count on Accu-Tech. We will provide reliable laser services for your leading edge products. Accu-Tech has a variety of single and multi-beam lasers variety of industrial wavelengths. We give our high and low volume customers low cost solutions for their laser processing.
Our TECH NOTES provide your engineers with help to better understand laser during the designing process. Select Contact Us to upload your CAD drawing data to us. Our engineering department is ready to help you.
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