Accu-Tech adds a new laser marker

A new laser marker workstation is up and running at Accu-Tech Laser Processing. This adds to our capabilities for marking, as well as serializing parts for tracking or advertising. Check out our examples of parts with laser marking.

Our laser will put permanent marks on your components, as a result, the laser engraving will not wash off or peel.

Alpha numeric characters, graphics, and barcodes can be laser marked onto a variety of materials, as well as on a variety of sizes of parts. Plastics, metals, and ceramics are a few materials. Medical, defense, and commercial are applications that benefit from marking. Many applications require that components are uniquely identified (serialized) for tracking in addition to traceability.

Below is an example of a laser marked metal business card (standard 3.5″x2″) with logo and text. These metal cards are anodized aluminum. They come in several colors to match your company color scheme. Metal business cards are durable and will stand out from the crowd to promote your business. Our laser marker can help!

metal business card marking
laser maker
laser marking
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