Accu-Tech Laser Processing, Inc. opened for business in January 1977 in Beaverton, Oregon. Originally named Spec Industries, Inc., the company's original charter was to utilize carbon dioxide (CO2) laser technology to produce microcircuit substrates for the hybrid circuit industry. In the mid 1970's, laser technology was almost solely a scientific endeavor with very limited industrial applications. However, the ability to drill, machine and scribe very hard ceramic plates was an application that we saw as a natural one for the embryonic laser technology. Our initial goal was to make quality holes in high purity alumina ceramic for $.05 per hole ("a nickel a hole" was our initial advertising slogan) which we accomplished in early 1978. Since then, productivity improvements using multi-beam lasers coupled with advanced laser circuitry modifications has enabled hole drilling prices to tumble up to 1/100th of our initial goal in many production programs.

Over twenty years (20) after our formation, Accu-Tech still uses our advanced CO2 laser expertise in many sectors of the electronics market as well as in segments of the medical device, architectural, defense and consumer industries. We also now have UV laser technology at our disposal for use in materials such as plastics and certain metals where smaller geometries are required. This MICROMACHINING capability provides Accu-Tech with an exciting new tool to address the developing applications in today's increasingly "smaller and denser" world.

Located in north San Diego county in a 13,000 square foot facility since 1979, Accu-Tech employs approximately 30 people. Many of these employees have been with our firm for more than a decade. As a testimony to our laser expertise, our technology has been used to start several direct competitors and systems integration firms.

Since the late 1970s, we have pioneered a number of important contributions to laser technology. Some of these include:

  • Multi-beam laser processing (up to 8 beams at a time).
  • Our patented "SLIT" chip carrier approach for microelectronic packaging.
  • "Alignment flat" design techniques to improve positional accuracy in ceramic microcircuits.
  • High speed glass drilling capabilities.
  • Precision machining of complex designs in brittle materials.
  • "Material specific" laser equipment designs for improved machining performance.

We believe the following to be true: "You can produce products with exceptional quality for a customer over a period of many years. But if you produce one inferior part for him, this is likely the one the customer will remember and judge you by. Therefore, you can not afford to EVER have inferior quality". Enough said.

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